Spanish Lessons for: Travelers & volunteers Children & Teenagers Business


If you really want to see results, while learning in a dynamic and fun program, Spanish Tutor Peru is the right place. The classes were programmed and designed for efficient learning of Spanish. This is achieved through the combination of learning strategies, which we have been designing and improving for some time.


Spanish for all levels


We have classes for all levels, from basic level to advanced and we cover all the needs you have and of course we put a lot of emphasis on conversation and in this way achieve the results that our students desire.

Spanish Beginners Level

 In these one- on- one  classes students will be able to learn the most substantial structures of the Spanish language. In this way the student will have the necessary tools to communicate in familiar situations, to go shopping, to talk about work and to move to Spanish – language . During classes, we will emphasize conversation as it is the only way to achieve your goals.

Intermediate Spanish

Students are able to make sentences a little more complex, because they already have enough vocabulary to establish a dialogue within any context, be it work, travel, daily life, volunteer work, etc.

Advanced Spanish

Students at this level already perform more complex sentences, and  they can establish conversations about deeper subjects. Teachers  use a myriad of materials to increase  vocabulary and polish students’ mistakes.

Spanish Conversation

Each student has a different way to learn a language, We adjust conversation to each student’s needs, providing relevant practice and explanations of related grammar. Students are free to suggest conversation subjects.

– We recommend this level for students who have intermediate and advanced level Spanish language skills.

– Maintain and improve your conversational skills, and learn new vocabulary.

– To  help keep lessons interesting, we use a variety of materials and teaching approaches..

– If you are thinking of travelling to Peru and want to put your Spanish into practice or take classes outside your country, then just contact us. Our school is located in Cusco, and we provide comfortable and furnished apartments so your stay with us will be a wonderful experience.

Spanish for children/teenagers

If you’ve been thinking that your children should have an opportunity to learn the second most popular language in the world, then now is the time for them to start speaking it and develop their skills.

We’ve developed a teaching methodology according to age, all in a professional yet very fun style.

Although classes for children are serious and professional . We  design fun and engaging lessons specifically to meet the needs of young learners. We engage students through music, visual aids, games, practical conversation, etc making more fun learning a language.

Don’t wait any more, give him or her the opportunity to learn the second most spoken language in the whole world.

Spanish for business purposes

The high demand for international business with countries in Central and South America has made Spanish one of the most important communication needs at work. Not knowing Spanish risks losing opportunities for employment and advancement, etc.

Spanish for Travelers

This course is specifically designed for travelers and will allow students to communicate with local people as well as in such places as restaurants, markets, hotels and airports. Students will learn phrases and act out various scenarios commonly encountered while travelling and participating in cultural exchanges.