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We are an innovative and dynamic online Spanish school offering lessons via Skype or similar software such as Hangouts. Lessons are individualized based on our students personal needs and levels. Our calendars are flexible, allowing students to schedule lessons that fit their own requirements and preferences.

We offer online, Spanish classes designed for all levels and ages. Our professional teachers are all native Spanish speakers making them uniquely qualified to offer Spanish language instruction. We want our lessons to be accessible to everyone so we keep our prices affordable.
Because we teach online, you can bring your Spanish class to the convenience of your own home. Our service gives you a foundation in Spanish so that when you travel in a Spanish speaking country you are prepared to have a conversation!

We understand that there are many different motivations for learning Spanish such as for travel, learning Hispanic culture, Spanish for business or second language lessons for your child. Whatever your needs may be, we want to help you achieve your personal goals and support you on your Spanish learning journey!  We invite you to take a free 30-minute trial lesson by clicking the following link.

Benefits of studying with Spanish Tutor Online.

Learn in the comfort of your home or office (online via)

We have enthusiastic, friendly native Spanish teachers with years of experience.

We offer excellent discounts with prices starting from $ 10.99.

We offer lessons to any level of student be they beginner or advanced!

Private and personalized Spanish Classes tailored to your needs

Our Methodology

Our curriculum utilizes a variety of teaching materials that maintain interest and maximize learning. During the lessons we emphasize conversation as a way of keeping students engaged and excited about their learning experience. We create a personal file for each of our students where all information is stored. The student can access this information at any time.

Our Team

All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers with a neutral accent. They have been selected based on their outstanding training and teaching methods. Our teachers will adapt to your needs and help you to achieve excellent results. For us teaching is not a duty, it is a passion.

A Friendly, Positive Learning Environment

Today, learning a language is easier, more comfortable and more accessible than ever. Because our Spanish lessons take place online, you do not need to leave home or work to study with us. Our classes come to you.

Language and Cultural Immersion Opportunities

In addition to offering online courses, we also help students arrange visits to Peru. Whether you want to improve your Spanish speaking skills through immersion, visit the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu, or learn how to cook an authentic Peruvian meal with a local family we are here to help!

How it Works

  • Step 1:Basically, all you need is a computer, a broadband internet connection, speakers and a microphone. If you are using a laptop, these features are usually already built in.
  • Step 2: You will also need an online communication platform such as Skype, Hangouts or Zoom. If you choose to use Skype™, you can download it free from this link– Skype™. The installation is very easy. This is the program through which you will receive your lessons.
  • Step 3: Once you have Skype installed and running, go to https://www.spanish-tutor-peru.com/
  • Step 4: On our website you can Sign Up as a new student and schedule a lesson.
  • Step 5: Enjoy your lesson!

Spanish Placement Tests

  • You can take any level of exam to help you determine your speaking level, A (basic), B (intermediate) and C (advanced).
  • You must complete all the sentences by selecting the most appropriate option.
  • You can start now. Good luck!


    We’ve developed a teaching methodology according to age, all in a professional yet very fun style.

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Spanish for all Levels

We have classes for all levels, from basic level to advanced and we cover all the needs you have and of course we put a lot of emphasis on conversation and in this way achieve the results that our students desire to obtain.

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Spanish Conversation

Each student have a different way to learn a language, and some of the students like to practice and we adjust to their needs. I think this is a good way to improve your skills so, during the classes you will have the support of your teacher, who will help you to see your mistakes and give the proper explanation to your questions. You are free to suggest any subject to discus.

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Spanish for Children And Teenagers

If you’ve been thinking that your children should have an opportunity to learn the second most popular language in the world, then now is the time for them to start speaking it and developed theirs skills.

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