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Some questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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How is a class with us

Follow the steps to register as a new student and then you can make a reservation with the teacher you want. The first class is completely free and will last 30 minutes so the teacher and the student can get to know each other.Our teachers will adapt their lessons to the interests and learning styles of each child so that the classes will be fun and effective.

How long is each class

The general lesson is 50 minutes. We recommend younger students take a 30 minute class and older students take a 50 minute class.

Is there a cost for me to register as a new student? Or Are there any hidden costs or additional taxes

No, there is no cost to register and the price we publish is the price you pay.

Do I need to have already studied Spanish before beginning with classes

No, we definitely don’t ask our student to have attained a certain grammatical level or have any other requirements. The fundamental purpose is to start from basics. Our teachers are known for their patience and skill in effectively guiding Spanish learners. They have the ability to speak English in cases where required, but our classes are 100% in Spanish.

How do I cancel a class

All cancellations should be made with 24 hours notice, to avoid losing your credit. In a special case, we could be more flexible.

How much time is tolerated, in case of being tardy

The teacher will wait 15 minutes for the student, but after this time, will cancel the class, and the student who obviously has not shown up for class will need to pay for the class and in this way the teacher will be able to be paid.

How are my payment details kept safe

All payments are securely processed on systems located in the USA at Paypal.com. Your card details are NOT stored by Spanish-tutor-peru. We only have your name and basic details to contact you, and all your payments are made after having been transferred into the PayPal website using a secure and encrypted connection to ensure that you can safely pay online.

How long are my paid classes valid

Credits purchased will expire after 3 years (36 months). This gives you plenty of time to use your credits without fear of losing them