Traveling to Peru

Now you have the chance to combine your Spanish lessons with trips in Peru. Peru offers you different ways to discover our huge cultural history, nature and magic landscapes. We will make your stay different and unforgettable.

Peru has many different options for travel. We classify travel experiences as: Adventure, Soft Adventure, Cultural Travel and if requested, interest tours.

Come and enjoy one of the most diverse countries in South America.

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Majestic trip to Machu Picchu (360°)

The Inka trail is the most popular trek done by many people. The program allows the traveler time to explore and enjoy the amazing archaeological sites, landscapes and rich subtropical jungle as well as the huge diversity of birds, waterfowl, and the Andean Condor along the way.

For the itinerary and prices please contact us.

The sacred valley of the Incas(360°)

The sacred valley of the Incas has many beautiful towns that they established and which today show the mystical architecture, art and living culture. Located in this area are the towns of Chinchero with its weavers, Pisac with a handcraft market, Urubamba with it’s great diversity, Ollantaytambo, constructed over the ancient Incan city and Maras y Moray with magnificent natural salt pans.

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Magic Cusco(360°)

Cusco, the imperial capital of the Incas is today one of the most fascinating destinations in the whole world because of the large amounts archeological remains.

Walk through the city, which also conserves its Incan walls that were the base of the colonial constructions, on a journey through the history of one of the continents most developed cultures.

By day it’s a magical city, and by night the tourists fill the discoes and pubs, giving this city a very special international flavor..

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Puno and the most beautiful islands(360°)

Puno is a city in southeastern Peru, located on the shore of Lake Titicaca and the mountains surrounding the city.

Lake Titicaca has some 41 floating reed islands on it that are an interesting experience for any traveler. These man-made islands have a fascinating history and story behind them. The most of the travelers enjoy visiting Uros, takile and Amantany and now it is time for you to enjoy it.

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Spanish Placement Tests

What is your level of spanish?

*You can take all the tests (Level (A), Level (B) and Level(C)) or you can take the one you think is suitable for your level.

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After taking a number of language lessons with Sonia, I am much more confident conversing with my Spanish speaking patients. Sonia is an enthusiastic, supportive and motivating teacher. I always look forward to my next lesson with her.

Dr. Anne Widya – Canada



I want to say thank you to such a great teacher! Lessons with Sonia were very interesting and fun. Also using google mail during the lessons makes studying process easy and convenient.  I’ve got a lot of knowledge, help and support from Sonia. I love Spanish language and I can’t wait to start my lessons again. Best wishes!.

                                  Sofia Korovina– Russia 


As aulas de espanhol realizadas no Spanish Tutor Peru foram sempre muito agradáveis e descontraídas, sendo que o tempo passava e eu nem percebia. As professoras possuem uma forma única de tratar o aluno, provavelmente por conta da cultura amigável Peruana. Conquistei uma maior confiança no meu espanhol e hoje posso fazer negócios usando a língua sem qualquer problema.

Bruno Messias- Brasil


I just spent 10 days in Cusco with Sonia. She taught me Spanish and I got to practice conversation as we explored the local sites. It was great wandering the streets of Cusco with Sonia speaking Spanish to everyone we met. She helped me find the best tours and places to eat and shop. I highly recommend Sonia as a Spanish teacher and Peruvian tour guide.

Christy Calder– USA

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